BRECON external vibrators for the concrete and conveying industry
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External Vibrators

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BRECON External Vibrators

BRECON manufactures a wide range of electrical External Vibrators based on decades of experience in Vibration Technology .

The measures are Quality and Reliability.

We help you to find the right solution for your application. You can chose between low or high frequency external vibrators, mobile or permanent installation, synchronized solutions, almost any voltage and frequency or DC (direct current) operated vibrators.

Our goal is to improve your product and minimize your costs and production risks by using the most reliable External Vibrator in the market.

On this website you will find an overview of our standard external vibrators, accessories and control equipment. Learn in which industries BRECON is active and see examples of the wide variety of applications for external vibrators.

For customized products and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to offer you our technical consultation.

BRECON mobile Solutions - The ideal solution to maximize the number of vibrated forms while minimizing the equipment.

The ideal solution to maximize the number of vibrated forms while minimizing the equipment.

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BRECON low frequency external vibrators - 500 - 3.600 rpm - 50 or 60 Hz

Low frequency industrial vibrators generate larger amplitudes combined with small, medium to very high forces. Since they can be connected directly to the main power supply (50 or 60 Hz) they do not require a frequency converter or control. That makes them useful for a wide range of applications in all industries.

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BRECON high frequency external vibrator - 6.000 to 12.000 r.p.m

BRECON high frequency industrial vibrators generate amplitudes from 6.000 rpm for standard wet-cast applications, up to 9.000-12.000 rpm for specific requirements.

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